Eddie Alberino
Candidate for Planning and Zoning

Eddie Alberino, Planning & Zoning Commission
I am Edward Alberino Jr., born on August 27, 1954, and a resident of Clinton since 1991.  I am seeking re-election to the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission as part of the Republican slate.  Currently, I serve on the Inland and Wetlands Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission and have also held the position of Interim Wetlands Enforcement Officer.
My commitment is to maintain our town’s charm while welcoming new businesses.  I’m a proud veteran of the USAF, having served during the Vietnam War, though I wasn’t deployed overseas during that time.  I’m a member of the Clinton Fire Department and have achieved the rank of Captain.  I hold a lifetime membership in the Clinton Fire Department and am involved in the Ambulance Division.  My wife, Lisa, is an EMT and a fellow department member.
My love for Clinton is unwavering, and I am enthusiastic about my candidacy for the P&Z Commission.  While on the Wetlands Commission, I opposed a landfill attempt to move into our town.  With my background in construction from my years with Windham Materials, I bring valuable experience to the commission.
As Planning & Zoning Commission, I will work to conduct site walks to make informed decisions, a practice currently needing to be improved.    The Wetlands Commission always conducts site walks, and I aim to introduce this valuable process to the P&Z Commission.
My loyalty is solely to the Town of Clinton, and my wife and I have made generous contributions to support our community.  I hope to earn your trust and support for re-election.  
I will work to create a business-friendly environment in Clinton, and I am committed to this cause regardless of the election outcome.
In addition to my role in local government, I hold the title of Advanced Fire Investigator and Deep Burning Official.  I am also honored to have been appointed to the Connecticut Water Advisory Council and am a member of the American Legion Post 66.
I have been accepted to join the YNHH Program Hospice for Veterans I am honored to serve my fellow Veterans. I am asking for your vote November 7 2023.
Sincerely, Edward G. Alberino Jr.

Alberino Jr.

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