Bruce Farmer
Republican Candidate for Police Commission

Bruce Farmer, Police Commission

I am a long-standing resident of Clinton with a deep commitment to our community. Over the years, I have been an active volunteer and have served on various boards and commissions, including the Board of Finance and Inland Wetlands. I also had the honor of serving as a former First Selectman.

My interests span a wide range, from anything related to our beautiful waterways to gardening, history, and advocating for improvements in our legislative processes.

Professionally, my background is in Catastrophic Loss of Life Management and Insurance Benefits. I am also a certified meeting facilitator.

During my tenure as First Selectman, I championed important initiatives such as transitioning to safer, more reliable police vehicles and ensuring equitable officer work shifts. I also led the Police Pension Committee.  I am knowledgeable of all benefits, liabilities, contracts, duty assignments, and required certifications.  

When elected to the Police Commission, I will continue to support sound initiatives that benefit our community and the Police Department.

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