Brian Manware
Candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals Alternate

Brian Manware, Board of Assessment Appeals (Alternate)

As a dedicated, lifelong resident of Clinton, I’m committed to enhancing my contributions to our vibrant community. My mission is to introduce a balanced and impartial perspective to the Board of Assessment Appeals, ensuring fairness for property owners and the municipality.

I’ve been an integral part of our community for several years, serving in various roles:

  • I have been a proud member of the Volunteer Fire Department since 1995, where I have dedicated my efforts to ensuring the safety and well-being of our town.
  • In 2015, I had the honor of assuming the role of Fire Chief, taking on a leadership position to support our community’s firefighting efforts further.
  • Since 2001, I have been a valued municipal employee, actively participating in the growth and betterment of our town.
  • As the Public Works Commissioner since 2007, I’ve been instrumental in shaping and improving our local infrastructure.

During my spare moments, I cherish quality time with my family and relish outdoor adventures, with travel being a significant part of my life.

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