Join us for Brendan Saunders First Annual Awards Dinner
May 13, 2024, honoring Tom Hollinger and Clinton Chamber of Commerce

Keynote Speaker: Lee Elci, The Voice of Freedom  

Brendan Saunders 1st Annual Awards Dinner

About Brendan Saunders Annual Awards Dinner

The Annual Brendan Saunders Awards Dinner was established to honor Clinton Republicans who exemplify integrity and dedication to their community, mirroring the admirable qualities demonstrated by Brendan Saunders himself. Named after Brendan Saunders, who notably revitalized the Clinton Republican Town Committee as its Chairman in 2021, the award pays tribute to individuals who, like Brendan, have made significant contributions to their community with passion and commitment.

Each year, the Brendan Saunders Awards Dinner will take place in the spring in Clinton, serving as a platform to celebrate outstanding residents and businesses or organizations that embody the spirit of service and community involvement. 

By continuing to recognize exceptional individuals and entities in Brendan’s name, we honor his legacy and perpetuate his legacy through ongoing engagement with the Republican Town Committee.

Brendan Saunders, Chairman of Clinton Republicans
Brendan Saunders

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