Mission Statement


Our mission is to elect and appoint local and state candidates who embody the core Republican principles:  individual freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.  

We work locally to:

  • Recruit civic-minded Republican candidates who will be responsive to the needs of Clinton residents
  • Educate voters on candidates and issues
  • Recruit new members to the Republican party
  • Persuade unaffiliated voters to support Republican Candidates




  • Recruit and support capable Republicans to serve on Town Boards and Commissions
  • Recruit and support Republican candidates to run for local and state office
  • Inform Clinton Republicans of pending local or state legislation that concerns Clinton
  • Recruit new members to join the Republican Party
  • Provide recommendations for improvement to Clinton

Guiding Principles


  • Individual Freedom
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Open Communications
  • Accountability
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