Re-Elect Candidates for Town Council

Chris Aniskovich, Town Council

Chris Aniskovich

Dennis Donovan, Town Council

Dennis Donovan

Carol Walter, Candidate for Town Council

Carol Walter

Over the past four years, the Republican-led Town Council has made significant strides. Here are a few accomplishments:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Successfully passed three budgets
    without any increases to the mill rate and reduced
    it in one budget cycle.
  • Effective Allocation of Resources: The council wisely
    used federal ARPA funds to boost recreation, support
    businesses, aid non-profits, and fund community projects.
  • Indian River Landing: We accelerated the Big Y Plaza
    project through tax incentives and fostered town
    economic growth efforts.
  • Commitment to Education and Safety: The council
    steadfastly backed all education programs and
    prioritized police and fire departments.
  • Infrastructure Care: We addressed overdue road
    repairs and public works need to use surplus funds

Board of Education

Lawrence Pilcher, Candidate for Board of Education

Lawrence Pilcher

Catherine Staunton, Board of Education

Catherine Staunton

Planning and Zoning

Eddie Alberino, Planning & Zoning Commission

Eddie Alberino

Adam Moore, Candidate for Planning & Zoning

Adam Moore

Dylan Walter, Planning & Zoning Commission

Dylan Walter

P&Z Commission Alternate

Lawrence Edwards, P&Z Commission Alternate

Lawrence Edwards

Police Commission

Bruce Farmer, Police Commission

Bruce Farmer

David Carroll, Candidate for Police Commission

David Carroll

Board of Assessment Appeals

David Roberts, Candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals

David Roberts

BAA Alternate

Brian Manware, Board of Assessment Appeals (Alternate)

Brian Manware

Zoning Board of Appeals

Robert Corson, Zoning Board of Appeals

Robert Corson

Michael Shove, Town Council

Michael Shove

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

John Harrington, Candidate for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

John Harrington

Paid for by Clinton Town Committee.  Mary Saunders, Treasurer.  Approved by all Candidates.

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